2021 Results

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Buxton 23rd May

British 2021 r3

Final Winner: 129 Billy Higgins


Birmingham 29th May

Northern & Midland r1

Final Winner: 707 Simon Flynn


Mildenhall 19th June

British 2021 r4 & Shaleshifter r1

Final Winner: 70 Adam Flynn

Northampton 20th June

British 2021 r5 & Shaleshifter r2

Final Winner: 102 Anna Williams

Taunton 26th June

Truck Show

Final Winner: 29 Ian Higgins

Taunton 27th June

Truck Show - West Country Championship

Final Winner: 294 Jonathon Clare

Birmingham 10th  July

British 2021 r6

Final Winner: 23 Lewis Wilson

Northampton 11th July

Shaleshifter r3

Final Winner: 31 Paul Higgins

Buxton 18th July

Northern & Midland r2

Final Winner: 111 Dan Billington

Birmingham 12th July

iFactor 6, Shootout 1

Final Winner: 

Mildenhall 19th July

Shaleshifter 2, iFactor 7, Shootout 2

Final Winner: 

Skegness 13th August

Champion of Champions, Shootout 3,

Summer Bash 1

Final Winner: 

Northampton 16th August

Shaleshifter 3, iFactor 8, Shootout 4

Final Winner: 

Belle Vue 31st August

Shaleshifter Final, Summer Bash 2

Final Winner: 

Birmingham 6th September

iFactor 9, Shootout 5, Summer Bash 3

Final Winner: 

Buxton 13th September

Shootout 6, 2021 British 1

Final Winner: 

Aldershot 27th September

iFactor 10, 223 AC Final

Final Winner: 

Birmingham 4th October

Shootout Finale, 2021 British 2

Final Winner: 

Birmingham 31st October

iFactor Finals Night

Final Winner: