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These grades are active from 08/04/2024

Roof colours should be correct or the driver will start all races at the rear of the grid.

Gold - National Champion

294 Jonathon Clare,

Silver - Grading Points Champion,

70 Adam Flynn

British Champion

47    James Faultless

Red/White - Shaleshifter Champion

707  Simon Flynn


5      Daniel Bunyard

16    Alastair Needham



6       Adam Perkins

22 Luke Wilson

228  Alan Sturgess

26 Sam Horton


275 Terry Williams Hawkins

23    Lewis Wilson

111  Daniel Billington

30    Tim Dyche

300  Sam Tennant

31    Paul Higgins

218  Russel Sumner



555  Sam Woods

18    Ian Horton

46    Karl Brazier

503  AJ Hemmingway

73    Craig Underhill

72    Ryan Jones

377  Dave Brawn


369 Carl Booth

130 Martin Dyche

472 Alex Smith

271  Jack Helliwell

261  Simon Burgess

205  Peter Walford

4      Paul Francis

196 Mathew McCormick

13    Chloe Tennant

103  Katie Billington

27    Wayne Helliwell

747  TJ Holden

559  Stephanie Booth

All other drivers graded white unless otherwise stated by the committee.

If you are new or returning to the formula, please contact the committee for confirmation.

Modstox rules on grading (rulebook page 16-17, section 3)

  • Modstox operates a handicapped starting/race line-up system. Roof grades are taken on a total points basis. A new grading list will be issued after every 3-4 meetings.  The committee reserve the right to increase or decrease the grading period dependent on the fixture list.

  • Grades in descending order of achievement: Gold roof and silver roof, Superstars, reds, blues, yellows, remainder white tops. Graders will use discretion to increase and decrease the numbers in each grade to suit increasing number of drivers during a season. New drivers may opt to start at rear of grid for their first three meetings. Drivers exercising this option should have a black cross markings displayed on the rear of their car.

  • The Shaleshifter and British Championships are worthy of Superstar status and will start at that grade for the time that they hold the Championship. If they lose the championship they will go to their respective grade (points depending). 

  • A driver will be regraded dependent on total points scored. A driver will only
    be upgraded a maximum of 2 grades. If a driver has insufficient points to maintain their current grade, they will be downgraded.
    If during the last grading period they have attended:
    • no meetings they will remain in their currrent grade,
    • less than 50% of the meetings, they can only be demoted 1 grade,
    • 50% or more, they can be downgraded more than 1 grade.

    Drivers winning 2 or more races at the same meeting shall be upgraded 1 grade
    for the next meeting.

  • Once a Driver has attained red top status, the driver cannot be re-graded lower than Yellow. Any driver who has reached Superstar (for 3 consecutive grading periods within 3 seasons) cannot drop below blue.  Racers from other formulas shall commence at their retiring grade less 1 i.e. if were blue start as yellow. A driver returning to racing after a time off (including no appearances in the preceding grading period) will race at their previously held grade. On winning a final you will start at the back of your grade until the next grading period.

  • Grading periods will run as follows :

               1 - inclusive 7th April (5 meetings)

               2 - inclusive 23rd June (4 meetings)

               3 - inclusive 18th August (5 meetings)

               4 - inclusive 27th October (5 meetings)


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