2022 Points Tables

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Overall Points Championship

All points scored over the 2022 season

(Updated 09/10/22)

National Championship Qualifying

Points scored over specific qualifying rounds in 2022 and including 2 rounds from 2021.

(Updated 09/10/22)

Driver of the Year Championship

Staggered Points Scored over the 2022 season dependant of grades.

(Updated 09/10/22)

Whites and Yellows Championship

Only open to drivers in white and yellow grades, all points scored whilst in those grades.  Minimum of 2 grading periods in either white or yellow to qualify.

(Updated 09/10/22)

Shaleshifter Championship

All points scored on Shale over the 2022 season

(Updated 09/07/22)

Northern & Midland Championship

Points scored over six designated meetings,

(Updated 04/09/22)

Summer Bash Series

Points scored over the three August meetings

(Updated 24/07/22)