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Sunday 9th October 2022 1pm

18/09/22 - Results and Points Tables updated after Great Yarmouth (18/09/22)

04/09/22 - Results and Points Tables updated after Hednesford (04/09/22)

30/8/22 - GradingsResults and Points Tables updated after Bradford (29/08/22)

23/8/22 - Results and Points Tables updated after Mildenhall - National Championship 21/8/22

16/8/22 - National Championship Grid released here

26/07/22 - Results and Points Tables updated after Aldershot (24/07/22)


Great Yarmouth Stadium

Sunday 18th September 2022 

Champion of Champions Final

1st 294 Jonathon Clare 

2nd 47 James Faultless

3rd 22 Luke Wilson



Buxton Raceway

Sunday 9th October 2022


Neil Clayton Memorial Trophy

19 brum_edited.jpg

Welcome to the Modstox Racing Club, the ultimate budget Stock Car Racing Formula in the UK. The club is run by drivers for drivers and is an open and friendly environment.  

Modstox is a contact, rear wheel drive, short oval formula that adheres strictly to rules that keeps it a cheap and affordable motorsport. However, despite the cost, the racing is high in action and thrills.

It is equally a great starting point for young drivers moving up from junior formulae, new drivers on their first step of the oval racing ladder and more experienced competitors looking for racing on a budget.

The club races at various locations around the country. The tracks we will race at this year (2022) include:

Aldershot, Bradford, Buxton, Hednesford, Ipswich, Northampton, Skegness, Mildenhall,  and Great Yarmouth.