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2022 Rule Changes

Following the AGM on Saturday 11th December, the following rule changes were agreed:

Mandatory changes:

1. The side panels under the chassis rail will be 2mm steel from the bulkhead to within 4 inches of the seats front edge.

2. Minimum weight of a modstox will be 565kg, and at least 645kg with the driver.

3. Rollover/non-return valve on fuel tank must be fully working and easily accessible for scrutineering.


1. The Shootout Championship will cease to run.  The Grading Points winner will carry the Silver roof for the following season.

2. The current Gold roof championship will be renamed from the British Championship to the National Championship.  Qualification and the grid formation remain the same.

3.  The new British Championship will be for the Black and White chequer roof.  It will be held on the opposite racing surface to the National Championship with 2 qualifying heats determining a points based grid with highest point scorer on pole.

4. The Shaleshifter champion will have a white and red chequer roof.

5. The Driver of the Year points scoring factor will be changed to - Whites/Yellows x3, Blues x2, Reds/Superstars x1.

6. Drivers may be downgraded regardless of the number of meetings raced within a grading period.

For the complete rules please see the 2022 Rulebook.

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