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It took until late October for the Modstox to make a visit to the Buxton Hi-Edge Raceway and racing on the Saturday night meant they were under the lights too.  As regular racers and spectators know, you expect all 4 seasons in one day when visiting and this meeting did not disappoint with a blowing wind and rain for drivers (and spectators) to contend with.

The first race, in graded order, for the Neil Clayton Memorial Trophy over a shortened distance of 9 laps (a nod to Neil's racing number whilst in Modstox) offered an opportunity for the white tops to sprint away and beat the blues and reds to the chequered flag.  Opportunity was all it turned into with only 7 cars completing the 9 laps.  Chris Clare taking the win from Billy Higgins and Alex Langdell.

Billy Higgins took the subsequent 2 all comer races which again did not see 10 cars complete the race distance - 9 then 7 cars for the 2 races.  Billy Higgins came away with 38 from a maximum 40 points in the meeting and certainly moved himself up the grading chart.  Chris Clare cemented his place in the grading points top 5 with 37 points,  Dan Billington had a consistent night with a 4th in the Memorial race then 4th and 7th in the all comers - Dan also pushing himself up the grading chart with his performance.

The next meeting sees the Modstox return to Birmingham Wheels on Saturday 7th November, 5pm start time.