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As the curtain has fallen on the 2021 Modstox season, the dust settles from the last meeting at Northampton which saw the final few championships settled.

Going into the meeting the Shootout and Shaleshifter championships were to be won and podium places in other championships to be finalised.

The shootout was literally a shootout between superstars Simon Flynn (707) and Adam Perkins (6) with Flynn holding an 11 point lead.  The heat scores would go with the points already accumulated from previous shale meetings for the closed grid final.

The first heat rolled onto the Northampton shale which held a large amount of water leading to 2 'formation laps' to help reduce the water level.  Even on the formation laps drivers were having problems keeping themselves pointing the right way.  On the drop of the green flag, Sam Woods (555) surged into the lead and by lap 4, with fellow yellow top Lewis Wilson (23), red top Adam Flynn (70) already up into 3rd and Simon Flynn was into 4th and Perkins not too far behind in 6th.  Early leader Pete Walford (205) sandwiched between the shootout contenders in 5th.  The remainder of the race only saw the Flynn brothers hit the top 2 positions with Simon outgunning brother Adam to the finish line.  Lewis Wilson held on to 3rd with Woods 4th and Lewis Wilson's brother Luke 5th and Walford 6th.  Superstar drivers, Alastair Needham (16) and Alex Langdell (19) crossed the line in 7th and 8th ahead of a recovering Perkins in 10th, who spun on the last corner.  Recent in-form white top Sam Tennant (300) ended in 9th.

A slightly drier track greeted the drivers and it was white top Walford who shot away from the pack building a small gap for the first few laps before a charging Lewis Wilson took control at 6 laps in.  Unfortunately for Walford he was driven out to the fence dropping to the rear of the pack and out of top 10 contention.  Up at the front, Wilson continued with Marcus Worth (10) chasing but Simon Flynn quickly moved into second with Luke Wilson coming through into third.  Flynn made short work hitting the front again  with the Wilson brothers, Lewis heading Luke home then Adam Flynn.  Worth stayed 5th ahead of the red and superstar drivers of Langdell, Perkins, Paul Heath (343) in 6th to 8th and Needham in 10th with Woods again scoring a top 10 in 9th.

The Shaleshifter Final saw Simon Flynn on pole with Needham alongside, brother Adam directly Simon with Jason Scattergood (37) for company.  Perkins and Luke Wilson making the third row.  With the track still greasy, would the winner come from these rows or would a big push occur and put the cat amongst the pigeons?  In fact, Simon Flynn controlled the rolling lap and once in the lead was never headed to take a maximum 40 points from the meeting with 3 out of 3 wins.  The podium was completed with Adam Flynn and Alastair Needham.  Alex Langdell finished 4th with yellow top Lewis Wilson a creditable 5th with Perkins 6th.  James Faultless (47) made the biggest move up the placings from last on the grid to 7th at the chequer flag ahead of Worth, Dan Billington (111) and Heath for 8th, 9th and 10th respectively.

The heat results meant that Simon Flynn had a 20 point lead over Perkins in the shootout going into the Shaleshifter final and his win guaranteed his third title of 2021.  Adam Flynn made it a good season for the Flynn brothers with 3rd in the shootout meaning he had finished on the podium in each of his brothers title wins.

Overall, out of the 17 finals, there were 12 different final wins which speaks volumes about how close he racing and modstox are to provide so many main race winners.  In addition to the number of final winners, 14 drivers won at least one heat.

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