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As we head towards the final meeting of the season, there are still a couple of championships up for grabs as well as some podium places to be confirmed in others.


Shootout Championship

The previous three rounds have seen Simon Flynn (707) overcome a small deficit to Adam Perkins (6) to lead by 11 points.  Alex Langdell (19) sits in third 3 points ahead of Adam Flynn (70) and only a further 2 points ahead of Jason Scattergood (37).  Dave Kilby (63) and Alastair Needham (16) are 20 points behind Langdell but they could steal the final podium if they get a march on the rest of the shootout drivers.


Shaleshifter Championship

The 2 heat points will be added to all shale points scored so far this season.  With Billy Higgins (129) and Paul Higgins (31) not racing, the points table is currently lead by Alastair Needham (16) from Simon Flynn (707) with a healthy 13 points difference.  Jason Scattergood (37), Adam Flynn (70) and Adam Perkins (6) are no more than 12 points behind Simon Flynn.  Dan Billington (111) lies a couple of points further back along with Luke Wilson.  The remainder of the points are close so 2 good results could see some drivers move forward a number of places and rows.  The final is a closed grid with highest points scorer on pole.


Whites and Yellows Championship

Lewis Wilson (23) has an unassailable lead over Sam Horton (26) and Sam Woods (555) and with Horton now graded Blue and unable to score further points, Woods has the chance to score 15 points to take second.  In turn Sam Tennant has 10 points to make up on Woods in his quest to take third.  The rest of the Whites and Yellows are going for pride and the highest place finish they can.

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