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A full weekend at Smeatharpe Stadium, Taunton running as part of the Truck Show greeted the 12 drivers who made the long trip down the M5 except local driver Marcus Worth who rolled lout of bed onto the tracks doorstep.

On Saturday, it was Marcus Worth (10) who took the honours in heat 1 leading Billy Higgins (129), Jonathon Clare (294) and Alex Langdell across the line.  Higgins had cooked his engine claiming second and despite frantic repairs missed the remainder of racing on Saturday as his team produced a working engine from the spare and blown ones.

Heat 2 gave Alex Langdell the taste of victory lane, leading heat 1 winner Marcus Worth and Jonathon Clare.  Dave Kilby (63) claimed 4th from red and new superstar Dave Brawn (377) bagged his second 5th place of the day.

In the final, Alex Langdell again showed everyone else how to do it to record his second win of the day.  Marcus Worth followed Langdell home (again) with Dave Kilby rounding off the podium.

Sundays racing went the way of one person, with Alex Langdell picking up from the night before this time claiming a clean sweep of 2 heats and final for a 40 point score for the meeting and 77 points overall for the weekend (taking him into the top 3 of the grading charts).

The first heat on Sunday saw Dave Brawn finish second with Paul Heath (343) third.  Second heat saw a working Billy Higgins car finish second although a blown head gasket would put pay to anymore points in the day.  Marcus Worth finished thrid with Paul Heath following him home for fourth.

The final saw the same top 3 as Saturday with Langdell leading Worth and Kilby over the line again.  Modstox Chairman Adam Perkins had a solid weekend of places and points scored alongside scrutineering, collecting results and keeping on top of his cars maintenance over the weekend.