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British Championship Report

The long and winding road (quite literally) to the 2021 British Championship ended at Great Yarmouth on Sunday 22nd August.  An overcast and cloudy sky welcomed the Modstox Club for their one and only visit to the East Coast track for the coveted Gold Roof race.  18 qualifiers had booked in (from a total of 30 potential bookings) and all drivers passed scrutineering at the first time of asking.  Scrutineering all done and dusted with roughly 30 mins left before it was due to close at 1pm.  Then followed a tense and subdued pit area as drivers tried to find things to do although the commemorative trophy presentation did occupy all for a duration of time.  Eventually the time came for the drivers to get kitted and strapped into their machines, before a parade lap in front of a packed holiday banger crowd and then rolling start.


The start/finish line at Yarmouth is at the far end of the home straight just before turn 1 for the Modstox, allowing for a long drag to the line.  A slow rolling lap, headed by pole sitter Jason Scattergood (37) and fellow front row occupant Paul Heath (343), the pace building going into turns 3 and 4 with everyone at full speed the pack surged into turn 1 as the starter dropped the green flag.  Who did the pushing and who didn’t isn’t known but the first half of the grid ended in the turn 1 fence, potentially aided by a greasy track from the bangers, with race control throwing the yellows then red flags before a single lap had been completed.  Unfortunately, a number of cars were not fit for the restart including those of Paul Heath and Jon Clare (294).  The latter having a short ride off the track in the ambulance but we are happy to report he was back on childcare duties shortly after the race was completed.


Video of first start - by Gary Picken

The restart grid was minus pole sitter Scattergood, Heath, Clare and Adam Perkins (6) although others were showing signs of being involved in the first turn free-for-all.  Billy Higgins (129) had 2 front wheels pointing in either direction, Alastair Needham (16) a folded-back front cow catcher and James Faultless (47) a bent rear bumper and wheel guard rubbing on the wheel.

With no available front row, Needham was on his own, Higgins and Simon Flynn (707) occupied the inside rows 3 and 4 with Clare and Dan Billington (111) absent from the outside.  The remainder of the grid, having seen the unfolding drama had survived, and lined up in their original formation.  From the drop of the green for the restart, Higgins surged into the lead with Simon Flynn right behind him, a battle for third developed between Adam Flynn (70) and Marcus Worth (10) which would last the duration of the whole race.  Langdell was evidently quick as he made short work of progressing through the field into second as Higgins started to struggle with damaged steering falling down the order along with Needham.  Langdell reeled in S.Flynn and made short work getting passed him only to hit mechanical trouble a lap or two later elevating Simon back into the lead position.  In the meantime, Worth and Adam Flynn had swapped places on a couple of occasions but there Was still less than a car length between the 2 of them.  Simon Flynn survived a late scare when he ran wide in the 3rd turn only to find a spun backmarker, but glanced off them to continue into the late stages of the race.  Simon was never troubled to the chequered flag after that as eyes turned to the battle for second, Worth landing a blow into the final corner but was unable to shift Adam Flynn and stop a 1-2 for the Flynn brothers.


The top 5 was completed by Dave Kilby (63) and Lewis Wilson (23) with Higgins somehow wrestling his car round for sixth, Chris Clare drove home seventh with Jon Cooper (159) and Pete Walford (205) claiming the final two positions.  Only nine cars went the 20 lap distance and some of them might not have lasted much more due to damage picked up on the first start.


Video of restart - by Gary Picken

The subsequent two races were graded order and blue top traveller Worth picked off 2 wins to complete a worthy day for him for a 36-point haul.  Alex Langdell again showed speed with a 3rd an 2nd.  Only 7 cars finished the final race as Cooper finished with Adam Flynn on his front bumper.

Video of allcomers 1 - by Gary Picken

Video of allcomers 2 - by Gary Picken


A hard fought days racing at a notorious wire and post track which the Modstox will return next year, with numbers dwindling through the afternoon there were few cars being loaded at the end of the meeting that did not or had not shown damage from the day’s battles.

Congratulations to Simon Flynn on his British Championship victory and to Adam Flynn and Marcus Worth for their drives to the podium.  We hope Simon will enjoy racing with the gold roof for the next year.

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