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Added 25/10/2020

Buxton Review

It took until late October for the Modstox to make ....Read more

Added 11/10/2020

Birmingham Review/Buxton early preview

Modstox make their one and only visit to Buxton....Read more

Added 05/10/2020

Birmingham Review

A return to Birmingham Wheels Raceway  ....Read more

Added 13/09/2020

Taunton Review

A full weekend at Smeatharpe Stadium, Taunton running as part of the Truck Show  ....Read more

Added 26/08/2020

Regrading News and Taunton Preview

The latest grading period has ended following the August Birmingham meeting ....Read more

Added 11/08/2020

Birmingham Review

A blistering hot day welcomed the Modstox to Birmingham Wheels ....Read more

Added 02/08/2020

Taunton Review and Birmingham Preview

The Modstox headed down to the south-west for their inaugural visit to the....Read more

Added 17/7/2020

We are back racing with motorsport on the short ovals given the green light albeit with restricted spectators and social distancing/PPE guidance in place.....Read more

ORCi Statement - 30/06/2020


ORCi have released a few statements regarding coronavirus and the current status for racing across the country.  Please click here for the latest news on their website......Read more

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