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First Grading Period Ends

The first grading period has concluded after 2 tarmac meetings and a weekend of shale at Mildenhall and Northampton.

The season kicked off at Buxton in the Peak District on a cold and wet day.  The opening race was won by Jason Scattergood with a good showing from James Faultless, who continued his pace to the second heat and was cruelly denied a final win when his engine cut on the rolling start leaving Billy Higgins to cross the line first.  Scattergood rounded off his day with his second win.











The Modstox circus moved on to Birmingham Wheels one week later and Simon Flynn showed he had not lost any speed or race craft following his year out of the sport.  Flynn took a hat-trick of wins including the final.  Sam Woods decided to try his hand at gardening in the second heat climbing the infield banking - Sam was ok if not considering a landscape gardening job.




The final 2 meetings came over one weekend with the sole trip to Mildenhall on the Saturday evening.  Jason Scattergood made short work of the opening laps to hit the front and take another win with the remaining top 5 positions filled by either whites or yellows.  Simon Flynn first red home in 6th.  Alastair Needham held low grade pride winning the second heat  The final served up a cracking finish, the unfortunate White top Luke Wilson breaking a half-shaft with 2 laps to go allowing the trio of the Flynn brothers (Adam and Simon) and Billy Higgins to fight it out with Adam timing a hit on his brother to win the race to the line.

The following day saw Northampton host the final grading period meeting and white top Anna Williams, in the Clare Hire car, scored second and fourth in the heats.  Fellow white top Luke Wilson opened the meeting with a heat win, partly making up for his disappointment from the Mildenhall final.  Red top Dan Billlington showed that the reds weren't going to let the low graders have it all their own way, winning the second heat from Billy Higgins.  Sam Woods was again involved in the main mix, rolling his car after climbing over the front of Dan Billington with a helping hand from Adam Flynn.  Following the impressive drives in the heats, Anna Williams drove away from the field in the final to record her first Modstox victory.

Regrading Summary

Up to:

Superstar - 37, 129, 707

Red - 47

Blue - 16, 22

Yellow - 26, 102

Down to:

Red - Nil

Blue - 10, 63, 377

Yellow - 111

White - 24, 205

brum 29-5-21 top 3.jpg
buxton 23-4-21 top 3.jpg
bbuxton pits_edited.jpg
555 birmingham_edited.jpg
102 nir_edited.jpg
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